A Cedar Fence Is A Beautiful And Durable Addition To Your Backyard

Posted on: 10 April 2023

Cedar fences are desirable because they are attractive additions to your property and they have long lives. Cedar lasts longer than economy fencing, so it's worth investing more upfront for a higher-quality fence. Here's more information about cedar fences you should know.

Why Cedar Is A Good Choice For Fencing

Cedar has natural qualities that give it a long life. The wood resists rotting and insect damage. Plus, it has natural oils in the wood that make it weather resistant. All of these qualities are beneficial for outdoor fencing that's exposed to the sun, rain, snow, and soil.

What Types Of Cedar Are Available

There are a few types of cedar, but red and yellow are the most commonly used for fencing. Red cedar is probably the most popular. They're both grown on the west coast and have the same insect-resistant and rot-resistant qualities. Their prices are close to each other too. The main difference is yellow cedar is yellow while red cedar has the classic red color that's associated with cedar fencing.

It may be more difficult to find yellow cedar in some areas. Your fencing contractor can talk to you about the type of cedar your fence will be made from, and they'll ask what style you want for the post tops and pickets.

Why You May Want To Stain Your Fence

You don't have to stain a cedar fence since it resists water damage, but staining helps the fence have the longest life possible. Plus, staining can help preserve the color of the fence. If you love the look of new cedar, you may want to stain your fence to maintain that look as long as possible.

If you don't want the bother of staining the fence, you can let it age naturally through sun exposure and rain. When you do this, the fence will slowly turn a gray color. The gray color can make the fence look old, but since the pickets don't shrink like economy wood does, the boards will maintain their shape rather than shrink, twist, and crack so your fence will still look good as it ages.

How A Cedar Fence Is Built

A cedar fence is built like all other wood fences. The installation starts with putting the posts in the ground. The installation contractor may add gravel and cement to the post holes to hold the posts securely in place. The fence contractor can build the fence picket by picket, but work goes faster if they buy panels that are already built. The panels are then nailed to the posts.

It's a good idea to hire a contractor to install your fence so it is sturdy and ready to give you many years of use. In addition to putting up the fence panels, the contractor also installs the gates you select. A cedar fence can provide privacy in your backyard and mark your property in the front yard. Whether you keep the fence its original color or let it fade, cedar fencing will add beauty to your property. For more information on cedar fences, contact a professional near you.