Modern Privacy Fence Design Options To Talk To Your Fencing Contractor About

Posted on: 6 April 2021

When you want to have a modern privacy fence, there are different options to consider for the design. There are options for the materials, style, and custom features you add to your fence's design. The following modern privacy fence design options are some of the things that you will want to discuss with your contractor:

Options for Modern Fencing Materials

The type of materials that you choose for your new privacy fence is the first step in planning. Options for privacy fence materials that you want to ask your contractor about include:

  • Metal panels that provide privacy
  • Modern vinyl privacy fence systems
  • Composite lumber for a natural wood look

The modern privacy fence design can be built with almost any type of material. You may want to discuss the best options for your budget with your fence.

Custom Fence Styles to Have Installed

There are also different options for your fence's style that you may want to discuss with your contractor. Some of the different modern fence styles to consider for a privacy fence include:

  • Horizontal fence with hardwoods and composites
  • Create a veneer look with vinyl fencing systems
  • Metal fencing systems for modern privacy fence designs

The options for custom styles for your new privacy fence will help give it a more personalized design.

Extra Custom Features for the Fence Posts

The posts are another area where you may want to do a custom design for your privacy fence. There are different options for custom posts and features that you can ask your contractor about, including:

  • Masonry columns with custom brickwork
  • Custom metalwork for fence posts with different materials
  • Custom wooden fence post designs with decorative caps
  • Fence post caps with custom lighting and decorative features

The fence posts are also an area where you can add practical features like lighting.

Options for Custom Gates a Privacy Fence

The gates are another area where you want to plan for your custom privacy fence design. Some of the different custom gate features that can be added to your privacy fence include:

  • Custom entrance structures for extra privacy
  • Arches and higher gate designs that provide privacy
  • Decorative privacy features for the design of entrance gates

The gates are a great area to add the custom features you want to add to your new privacy fence.

The privacy fence you have installed for your property can have a modern design with practical features you want. Contact a fence contractor in your area to discuss these design options for your new fence.