Ornamental Fencing Design Ideas To Add Attractive Features To Your Fence Installation

Posted on: 15 March 2021

If you are planning on installing a fence, ornamental iron fencing materials provide the most attractive solution. Today, there are other elements of your ornamental fencing that can help improve a new fence's design. The following ornamental fence design ideas can give you a more attractive fence for your property.

Start with a Solid Foundation for Ornamental Fencing

No matter what type of fence you are having installed, it needs to start with a solid foundation. The foundation of the rod iron fence can be materials like brick or stamped concrete walls. These will provide support for the fence sections and other features like ornamental posts.

Durable Ornamental Iron Posts to Support Fence Sections

The installation of posts or columns is an important component of your fence design. These can be decorative rod iron posts that support the fence sections. Some of the features you may want to consider for the decorative posts include:

  • Ornamental post caps with attractive designs
  • Custom metalwork for wrought iron posts 
  • Bead-like profiles around the posts

These are decorative features that can add more details to your rod iron fence posts. The posts can have a combination of these features to add unique custom details to your fence.

Options for Ornamental Rod Iron Fence Sections

The design of your ornamental rod iron fencing can be unique and attractive too. There are many different decorative patterns and features that can be added to the fence sections, including:

  • Twisted wrought iron spires
  • Decorative metalwork to face fence sections
  • Geometrical patterns in fence section designs

These are some of the decorative features and ornamental designs that can be installed with your new fence.

Additional Decorative Details for Ornamental Rod Iron Fencing

There may also be extra decorative features that you want to add to your fence. Some of these additional features that you may want to add to your ornamental fence design include:

  • Custom decorative gates for the fence entrance
  • Decorative finials to top the spires of fence sections
  • Custom privacy features where they are needed

These are some of the extra features that you may want to add to your ornamental fence design. The extra features can be added during the installation, or you can have them added once the installation is complete.

The installation of ornamental fencing materials can be a great choice for an attractive new fence for your property. Contact an ornamental iron fencing service and ask them about these options for your project.