Deterrents To Prevent Anyone From Climbing Over Or Breaking Through A Chain Link Fence

Posted on: 15 January 2019

If you want to enclose your commercial property with a chain link fence, but are worried that the enclosure won't sufficiently block intruders, choose the commercial chain link fencing style carefully and add a locking system, vibration sensors, and thorny plants to your property.

Choose A Compact Mesh Design And Tall Fencing Pieces

All chain link fences are comprised of metal mesh pieces, but the size of the metal squares that are part of the mesh design can vary quite a bit. Choose a compact mesh design that will make it nearly impossible for someone to gain a foothold if they decide to try to scale the enclosure. The small-sized squares will still allow sunlight through the enclosure so that the grass and shrubbery that require ample sunlight won't be compromised.

Don't stick to a shorter fencing style if you are still wary about someone being able to climb the enclosure. Taller fencing pieces will make it much more difficult for someone to get over the fence, in the event that they are able to figure out how to maintain their leverage while pinning the tips of their shoes against the small mesh squares.

A person who wants to gain entry to your property may give up on the idea if they are worried that it will take them a while to climb the enclosure or that someone will see them as they are attempting to do so.

Add Additional Deterrents

Purchase a modern locking system and vibration sensors and have them installed on the gate. If someone, other than yourself or your employees attempts to open the lock, the vibration sensors will record the movement and sound an alarm.

Never leave items of value out in the open, which could intrigue passersby and encourage them to try to get through the fencing. Move all equipment, vehicles, decorative materials, or other items that are pricey to to the property that is directly behind the building that you own or inside of a garage that is on the property, so that none of the possessions are visible.

One last way to dissuade people from trespassing is by planting cactuses or large, thorny vines or shrubs along the chain link fence's exterior and interior. Plant the thorny varieties fairly close together. This will add a little bit of privacy to your property and will also make it difficult for someone to walk closely to the fence without being subjected to being pricked by one of the thorns.