Why Chain Link Fencing Is A Great Choice

Posted on: 21 September 2018

Getting ready to fence off your yard? If so, the process starts with selecting the right fencing material to get the job done. As you are weighing the pros and cons of materials like wood, vinyl, aluminum, and wrought iron, don't forget about chain link. It provides many benefits that can make a great choice to use for your home.


One reason that many homeowners decide to select chain-link fencing material for their home is due to how durable the material is. It's constructed with stainless steel that is galvanized, which is the process where metal is given a nickel and zinc protecting plating. It makes the fencing material much more resistant to oxidation or corrosion, which will increase how long the material lasts before it needs replacement.

Chain-link fencing material is also very strong. It has the ability to flex in a way that other fencing materials cannot, which makes it less likely to become damaged. Strong storms, kids, and pets will have a hard time damaging chain-link fencing.


If you are picturing chain-link fencing as the boring gray color that you typically see, know that it does not just come in one color. You can actually have chain link fencing coated so that it is any color you want. The material is dipped into a polymer, which allows it to take on any color you want it to be prior to installing it. If you want the fence to be an accent color that matches your home, you can do that. The polymer coating also gives the fence more durability than typical chain-link fencing not coated in one, which gives it even more protection.


If you got a fencing estimate back from a local contractor and were shocked by how expensive it will be to install the fence, it may be due to the material used in the quote. Wrought iron, wood, and aluminum can be quite expensive to have installed due to the cost of materials. Selecting chain link is definitely a way that you can save some money and still fence off your yard. Not only is the material itself more affordable, but the installation is easy and requires fewer man-hours to do.

Still not sure if chain link is the best choice for your home? Meet with a local fencing contractor like  Diamond Iron LLC for a consultation about your new fence.