Talk To Your Deck Builder About These Child-Proof Ideas

Posted on: 12 September 2016

Having a new deck built at the rear of your home is exciting, but, if you have young children at home, you want to be sure that the deck will be safe for them. There are a number of design and build elements that the builder can implement that won't put your child at risk. It's ideal to talk to your builder to make sure that these points are covered at the time of construction, rather than you having to scramble to improve the safety of the deck afterward. Here are some ideas that your deck builder will be able to implement.

Railing Upright Spacing

While it's common for the railing uprights on most decks to be fairly close together, you'll occasionally encounter a design in which there's a significant space between each upright. This is a concern if you have children, as a child might be able to slip through the railing uprights and fall to the ground below, or even just get his or her head stuck between the posts. It's better to opt for a design in which the railing uprights are spaced close together. This will provide a higher degree of safety for your child.

Non-Slip Surface Coating

Whether you plan to have the deck painted or stained, it's important to make sure the surface of the deck won't be slippery. Children can easily slip and fall on the wood, especially if it's wet from the rain. A simple solution is for your deck contractor to coat the deck with non-slip coating. Non-slip paint and non-slip stain additive typically contain a sand-like grit, which is subtle in appearance but provides more traction underfoot. This is a safety element that the adults will likely appreciate, too.

Gates At The Stairs

While you might simply be tempted to set up a baby gate at the top of the stairs leading from the deck down to your yard, this can be a hassle each time you go outside. It's better to talk to your deck contractor about a more permanent solution. A small gate that closes automatically, but can also be kept in the open position when you and other adults are passing through, provides a safer environment for your child. This is also ideal if you have a pet that you want to keep inside, and the gate can also provide a feeling of security for you and your family when it's closed.

To discuss more safety features you can add to your deck, contact a builder like Deck and Fence Services.