3 Ways To Reduce Noise Pollution When Getting Fencing Installed

Posted on: 31 July 2016

Getting fencing installed can be a great first step if you live in a highly populated area that sees a lot of traffic since you may be concerned with noise pollution. If you want some peace and quiet at home, fencing can help create an effective sound barrier, but there are a number of other steps you can take to improve the sound absorption it makes. Instead of getting just any fence installed or having a fence installed and calling the job done, consider the following projects as well.

Make Sure the Fence is as Tall as Possible

When picking out a fence in the first place, it's a good idea to look into just how tall the fence should be. A lot of people make the mistake of getting a shorter fence installed because they believe it looks best or simply to cut costs.

The benefit of getting a taller fence installed is that you don't need to worry about noise traveling over the fence as much. This can be a fantastic option for blocking out more noise without any extensive work being done to the fencing.

Plant Some Dense Hedging Along the Fence

If you want to prevent sound from traveling over your fence with the use of landscaping, look no further than getting dense hedging planted. Many people make the mistake of planting shrubs or flowers for some added greenery and color, only to discover that it does a poor job of blocking out the sound outside. With dense hedging installed instead, you don't need to worry about sound traveling into your backyard and home as much.

Get Fencing Panels Added

While wood fences are typically the best option for blocking out noise, it may not be an option or you might simply prefer the look of metal, vinyl, or chain-link fences. If this is the case, you can still improve how much sound travels into your home from the fencing by getting fencing panels installed. These panels can be added to the fence surface itself or through getting slats installed in between open spaces of the fence. These panels can even vary in thickness to help ensure that as much noise is blocked from entering your yard as possible.

If you're curious about how you can block out noise with fencing, you need to look into what's involved in improving the way that your fence looks and how you can make a big difference in giving your home some quiet. To learn more contact a fencing company like Hahn-AA Fencing