Why A Plywood Fence May Be The Best Answer To Protect Your Swimming Pool

Posted on: 29 July 2016

Plywood fences are often used for temporary commercial construction projects, both to keep the public out and to prevent people from watching the work until it's complete. But there are other uses for plywood fencing. Because of its versatility and privacy, plywood can make a great fence around your backyard swimming pool.

Why do you need a fence around your swimming pool?

If you have a lovely view from your pool, you may not want it fenced off. But if there's no view, there are several practical reasons why you may want your pool enclosed.

  • Privacy. Maybe the neighbor kids always stare at your family while you play in your pool. Maybe you just aren't comfortable having others see you while you're swimming. Regardless of your reason for wanting privacy, a plywood fence can provide that without gaps or lattice that people can see through.
  • Safety. Swimming pools are attractive to children, but they don't understand the dangers. An average of 390 deaths each year happen in swimming pools, most to very young kids. Installation of a four-sided fence all around the swimming pool, instead of just a three-sided fence around the property but still connected to the living area, could prevent about three-quarters of child drownings in pools. A plywood fence can provide that four-sided fence as well as keep children from seeing the pool and wanting to play in it.
  • Insurance. Your homeowners' insurance may require you to have a fence around your pool in order to cover any injuries or accidents that may happen.
  • Municipal codes. Your city may have laws on the books that require a fence around your pool. Depending on where you live, this can extend to above-ground pools that have any type of permanent fixture, like a deck, built around some or all of the pool. 

Can plywood be made to look attractive?

Plywood can be installed in a way that makes it look attractive—not just flat boards hung around the pool. Experienced fencing installers can add decorative elements, give it the look of panels or put lattice on top to make it more visually interesting.

Can plywood hold up outside?

You do need to make sure you use the right type of plywood for your swimming pool fencing. Marine-grade plywood uses waterproof glue and can hold up under weather and under getting splashed by swimmers much better than traditional exterior grade plywood. In addition, you'll want to use pressure-treated wood so it will last for years. Your fencing installer can advise you on the right grade to use.

A plywood fence can also typically be installed more quickly than some other types of fencing, giving you immediate privacy and protection. Talk to a fencing contractor like Security Fence about why plywood can make a great fencing option for around your swimming pool.