Three Easy Tips for Reviving Antiquated Iron Fencing on Your Property

Posted on: 22 July 2016

If you take ownership of an older home, don't be surprised if you find panels of iron fencing either tucked away in a barn or garage or still haphazardly situated somewhere on the property. The fencing might be covered in rust and discoloration and may even be a little bent out of shape, but it could still be put to good use. While old, rusty iron fencing may not look like much, it is really not that hard to give this type of fencing new life. Here are three easy tips to revive antiquated iron fencing to give it a new look and a new life.

Use a pressure washer to clean off excessive corrosion. 

Corrosion and rust are probably covering the metal slats of the iron fencing, but a lot of this can be removed with a good pressure washer. Scrub down the iron fencing with a good stiff scrub brush before spraying it off. This will help to loosen some of the gunk that is covering the surface so it will be easier to remove. Use a pressure-hose attachment that offers a finer-pointed concentration of spray, as this will be more effective at blasting away corrosion around small grooves and edges. 

Paint the iron fencing slats. 

Adding a heavy coat of paint over the discolored or corroded iron will definitely give it a new look. If you would like, you can sand down the rough texture somewhat with a heavy-grit sandpaper or wire brush before painting. However, the underlying rough texture of an antiquated iron fence can also give it a little rustic character, which is not an undesirable trait. Just make sure you use a heavy, oil-based paint that will seep into small cracks and fissures but also provide an ample layer of painted protection on the metal. Sprayed paint application will be easiest, but you will be able to stretch your paint further if the paint is hand applied to the metal slats of the fence. 

Replace the most damaged and bent iron fence slats. 

If you come across a panel of iron fencing that has some slats which are severely misshapen or damaged, it is possible to just remove these pieces. Take the panel of fencing to a metal fabrication shop where they have the tools to remove the damaged fencing slats and refuse the fence at the base or weld new iron slats into place. 

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