The Perks Of Fiberglass Fencing

Posted on: 15 July 2016

Many people install vinyl or wooden fences in their yard. These materials seem to be among the most common because they are affordable. However, there is another great and affordable fencing option that you should consider. Fiberglass is a great material for residential fencing. It is practical, cheap, stylish, sturdy and easy to maintain. It is great for both large and small fences, whether the posts are set in soil or concrete footings. This article explains the main perks of investing in fiberglass fences.

Fiberglass is Practical and Easy to Maintain

Most people look for a fence that is practical. They don't want to spend a bunch of their time fixing, repairing or repainting their fence. Most homeowners would rather spend their weekend working on their garden than repairing their fence. Fiberglass is waterproof and it has a very durable powder coat finish. This means that it is not only impermeable to water, it is also very hard to scratch or ding. Most likely, you'll never need to make cosmetic or structural repairs to your fiberglass. As long as you keep it clean, you will have few issues. The best way to clean fiberglass is to just spray it with a hose or wipe it down with a large sponge. Most basic household cleaners will easily remove any dirt or grass stains on your fiberglass.

Fiberglass is Stylish

Many people think of shiny, white plastic when they think of fiberglass. In actuality, fiberglass fences are made in a range of different colors. There are also many different textures to choose from. A matte finish gives your fence less shine and makes it look more natural. Most people end up with a neutral color for their fence, but there are some more advanced finishes to choose from; fences with printed finishes look very similar to natural products.

For instance, wood prints with colored grains and knots look very similar to wood and come in a variety of different colors to replicate the most popular wood species. Admittedly, when you are looking at the fence from close up, you will be able to realize that it is not real wood. Nonetheless, you can closely match other wooden design elements around the exterior of your home. Of course, printed fiberglass fences are more expensive than plain products.

Obviously, fiberglass is a prime material for residential fencing. It is perfect for all types of homeowners. Contact a company like Phoenix Fence, Co. to learn more.