Tips For Prolonging The Life Of Your Aluminum Fence

Posted on: 14 July 2016

Whether you are looking to add some privacy to your property or want to add a little decor to your lawn, the right fence can accomplish both of these objectives. You'll want to make sure you choose a fence that is going to be functional, aesthetically appealing, and high quality so you don't have to worry about replacing it in the near future. Aluminum fences offer many benefits for homeowners including versatility, affordability, and ease of maintenance. To get the most out of your fencing, you want to maintain it properly. Here are some tips to prolong the life of your aluminum fence

Regular Cleanings

It is not uncommon to have dirt, mud, and other debris accumulate on your fence. In an effort to reduce the chances of this debris turning into mold, rust, and more, you should clean the fence consistently. This can be done using a water hose and some soap. If the debris is not coming off easily, you can then opt to use a power washer. To avoid damaging the fencing, you'll want to use a light duty power washer. This will help remove the debris without doing further damage to the material. Given that you can expect to pay around $3900 to have an aluminum fence installed on your property, depending on the size and quality, regular cleanings are important to maintaining the value of your investment. 

Remove Any Growths

If you start to see mold and mildew accumulating on the fence, it is crucial to remove it right away as this can be dangerous to your health. Using bleach can help remove the growths, but it can also irritate your skin and eyes. For an alternative, more natural solution, use vinegar. Vinegar is not harmful to the skin but is strong enough to remove the mold, mildew, or algae buildup. 

Protect the Aluminum

Cleaning it will help it look great, but in order to fully protect the fence from debris buildup, you want to put a protective coating on it. This can be done using an automobile wax that will help the fence stay shiny and keep the debris from collecting on the aluminum. You should apply a new coat of wax every time you clean the fence for the best results. If you continue to maintain the fence like it should be, then your aluminum fence will likely last as long as the average person's lifespan