3 Tips For Installing Vinyl Fencing When You Have A Dog

Posted on: 12 July 2016

If you are thinking about installing a new vinyl fence in your backyard, you should consider your dog's safety. Most likely, your dog spends a good deal of time in your backyard, so you want to be sure that the vinyl fencing is keeping your dog as safe as possible. Here are three tips for installing a vinyl fence when you have a dog:

Prevent Under Fence Escapes:

Many homeowners make the mistake of installing their fence a bit too high, which allows their dogs to escape from underneath it. The best way to prevent this is to have custom vinyl fencing installed. Although this will cost more, it will ensure that the boards are long enough to make up for any uneven ground in your backyard. The reason regular vinyl fencing that you can install yourself won't work is that it comes in precut panels that are designed to snap into place with the support poles. You won't be able to adjust the length of these boards. However, if this is the cheapest option for you, there are a couple of other ways to prevent escapes. One would be to purchase extra boards to attach along the bottom of the fence to close open gaps. Or you can fill open gaps with soil, gravel, or even concrete. 

Prevent Jumping Escapes:

If you have a dog who is able to clear a regular 6-foot fence, then you have a whole other issue. To prevent this, you should consider installing a decorative panel on top of the vinyl fencing. It will cost a bit more to do this, but it will provide the additional security that you need. On top of this, the decorative panel can add unique curb appeal to your home. If you aren't interested in the decorative panel, then you can also install rollers at the top of the fence. These work by rolling your dog back the way they came, because it doesn't allow your dog to grip onto the other side of the fence to push themselves over. 

Include a Viewing Panel:

One reason your dog may be attempting to damage or escape from your vinyl fence is because they want to see what is on the other side. One way to reduce their anxiety about this and prevent damages they cause by scratching is to install a viewing panel. Many vinyl fencing companies will provide this for their customers by installing what is called a viewing bubble. This is installed in one or more of the vinyl panels and allows your dog to peek his or her head out while still being confined to your yard. 

When you consider these three tips for installing vinyl fencing when you have a dog, you can make the fence work for yourself and for your favorite pup. Contact a company like Family Fence Company to learn more.