Want To Install A Wooden Fence On A Budget? 3 Ways To Reduce The Costs

Posted on: 4 July 2016

A backyard that leads out to an open expanse is certainly pretty, but it may not give you the sense of what is yours and what is someone else's. Sure, you have property lines that determine the truth, but you may want to build a wooden fence along the border to give yourself a fully protected area. It is perfect for protecting children and pets, as well as keeping critters off your property. But, having this kind of fence installed on a budget means that you have to get creative to minimize your total expenses.

Maintain Gaps Between Boards

Some wooden fences are built with no gaps in between, which is perfect for those who prioritize privacy. It is an ideal addition when you have neighbors close by and want to enjoy a private backyard. But, when you are not in this situation, or when you are perfectly fine not having exceptional privacy, you can get wooden fencing with fairly large gaps. This leads to needing less wood and spending less money overall.

Go Below the Maximum Height

The typical residential area limits homeowners to six feet in height for backyard fences. Although you may want to build to the maximum to take advantage of the legal limit, this is not a necessity. It is better to pick shorter fencing as it reduces how much material you need to have a complete fence installed. Picking a four or five-foot fence will still provide you with nearly all the benefits of a taller fence.

Pick an Affordable Wood

One of the toughest choices that you have to make when it comes to getting a wooden fence is deciding which wood to use. Your options are vast, and it is also where a large portion of your budget goes. It is worth considering pressure-treated pine, which is affordable compared to other popular types.

Some wood types provide natural resistance to problems such as rot or pests, but this kind gets it by being treated. Another advantage of pine is that it is resistant to shrinking, which is helpful for a wooden fence. In high humidity, moisture content keeps wood shrunk, so moisture resistance will prevent it from drastically changing after the fence has been installed, to the point where it reduces functionality.

Wood fences are popular and can look unique with picket caps, post caps, wood type, and other details to choose from. Paying attention to crucial details regarding cost will help you stay below budget. Talk to a company like Garrett Industries Inc for more information.