Best Fencing Options For Your Swimming Pool This Summer

Posted on: 28 June 2016

A swimming pool is a great entertainment source for your family and friends. You want to choose a fence that will provide privacy and security and that will beautify the area. There are many styles and construction materials available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Before placing a fence around your pool, be sure of the regulations in your area. You might also consider a temporary fence if it is allowed in your state.

Specific Standards

Homeowner's associations, state, county, and city laws should be investigated to ensure you have the correct gate specifications, as well as the correct fence height and materials. It is essential to supervise children around the area because of the risk of drowning. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), drowning is placed in the top ten causes of death from children and is estimated with 372,000 people drowning annually. Also documented, children under five years old compose approximately 300 of those deaths from drowning in a swimming pool.

Fencing should be at least 4 feet high, but 5 feet is the preferred height. It is advised to have the pool completely enclosed and not use the home as one of the sides. However, if your home is the fourth side, you should have an alarm indicating when someone is entering the pool space.

Security Fence

The security of a fence must include a locked gate when there is no activity in the pool area. The latch needs to be out of reach of small children. Some fences also have a magnetic latch designed to make it difficult if at all possible for small children to enter the pool area unattended. The latch should be made of vinyl or aluminum according to most regulatory codes.

Decorative Fence

Ornamental aluminum is the most popular choice for fencing because it has a durable and stylish appearance. It requires no maintenance and can be purchased in various colors and finishes. PVC is also a popular material that requires low maintenance which can be purchased as a standard unit between 48 and 54 inches. You could also purchase a privacy fence made of PVC which is between 6 to 7 feet tall.

Temporary Fence

Adults can easily move temporary fences that are usually made with aluminum or a comparable material. It is simple to roll up for easy storage. Mesh is also a good choice because a child can't easily slip through to travel into unsafe spaces or in the pool if no one is outside with them. It won't allow toys or other objects through its tiny spaces.

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